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What is a Mantra?

Mantra is a word or sound to aid concentration in meditation. It stems from Hinduism and Buddhism and may be considered a Vedic hymn, statement or slogan, repeated frequently.

Why did I include Mantra's on my art site?

I have created a mantra page as I have been using them for healing my body, mind, and soul. My husband's suicide, colon cancer as age 50, and a platinum light experience in my first meditation course has brought me to this serious deep healing stage of my life, which I would love to share.

I am learning that mantras can heal. Affirmations can heal. I want to share these two powerful mantras. For more information and a great book that has taken me along the path is "Healing Mantras" by Thomas Ashley-Farrand.


Listen to the Aum Mantra   Listen to the Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra


Mantra's vocalized by Jane Winther.

You can find out more information at www.janewinther.com

The vocalized mantras are performed by Jane Winther from Denmark. She is a Facebook friend that I have found that might inspire, and perhaps transform, you as she did for me.



In Buddhism, a string of beads is used in meditation, esp. for counting recitations. It can be called a Buddhist Rosary.



Tibetan agate beads, Sherpa trade beads, dyed boiled, bleached batiked cow bone, dyed coral, flat turquoise, black elastic - 33 beads.

Healing: protection, strength, friendship, peace


Lapis with pyrite, sterling, and African black coral, matte lapis, glass, with black elastic - 40 beads.

Healing: purification- opens charkas


Picasso marble, pyrite hexagons, dyed pearls, black stone, onyx, copper and seed beads, clear elastic - 24 beads.

Healing: sharpens senses, fortifies self-confidence, and promotes calm-- balances solar plexus chakra


Round yellow jade, carved bone, carved and dyed bone, matte fire agate, turquoise, clear elastic, 40 beads.

Healing: stomach, nervous systems, aids night vision, reduced hot flashes.


Dyed sponge coral, horn, carved dyed bone, Tibetan Glass on black elastic - 39 beads.

Healing: aids depression, restores harmony to heart.


Tibetan agate, red peter jasper, carved bone, matte carnelian, faceted carnelian, garnet, seed beads on transparent elastic - 30 beads.

Healing: supports stomach upssets, provides energy, calms temper.



Turquoise-Raw-polished, flat disc turquoise,carved bone, resin and seed beads on clear elastic - 34 beads.

Healing: anti-inflammatory, detoxxifier, wear on solar plexus, alleviates pain


Yellow jade chunk, carved green jade, horn, black onyx, sterling on black elastic - 42 beads.

Healing: protects against misfortune, aids kidneys—helps in romance





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