Haiku and Photography





Scent of a woman
is an iris in full bloom.
Breathtaking, gorgeous.


Crusted, mossy rock-
You wowed me with your hoax.
Impractical hole.


Dragonfly, my love.
You teased me with your beauty.
Evasive taunting.


Bashful gardenia.
A scent of modest and shy.
Most approachable.


Bee, or not to be?
Question or evolution?
Bee serves up lifeblood.


Scratched, worn man machine
and, some scattered, pocked walnuts,
both old, dried, retired.


Alone, not lonely.
Gray, but not gloomy.
True serenity.


Am I a Pansy?
Could I love you for just your?.
You do spark me so.


The perfect sunset!
There’s girlfriends, wine, serene clouds
and, tremendous grace.


Paragon blossom.
Source created you for me.
Flawless Beauty.


Tan, sand, rocks, driftwood
Beach hidden by moss, debris,
and eons of ens.


The extortionist
made me grovel at his feet.
I avow awe.


Summery daystar,
your hidden might - radiance,
rainbows my heaven.


The crow flies, windblown
into fogs obscurity
leaving behind awe.

  Oh, shadowy woods.
Did I miss something hearty?
Your stately, Mr. Rock.
Curled up in my heart
is a resonance of you.
Silly escargot.
  It's bluer than blue.
My choked up feeling for you.
Azure, fronds of woe.

Rock and roll, or jazz,
nothing soft or cold with that.
Move, groove, soothes.



Yellow-red Iris.
You present a rainbow world.
You color my heart.

Dragonfly, my love,
you are not of this world.
Pleasure to know you.

  I tramp the woods.
Moss veils trees like soft velvet.
Luscious comforters.






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