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Susan Klein Design Studio began in 1974 after she graduated from a small fashion school in San Francisco. Susan designed and sold original clothing, home furnishings, accessories and personal products. She opened her first retail store in Truckee, CA. She sold her own original designed clothing and artworks of other craftspeople. Within six months of success, she moved to Berkeley, CA and opened two gallery stores that featured finer handmade products. She continued to design produced and sell her work and other artists’ works from around the country and the world. As the sole buyer for these retail outlets, she would seek out new trends and inspire artists and craftspeople to create salable products in all media.

In 1991 Susan took a night class working in metal. Within eight weeks, Susan began wholesaling her original whimsical jewelry. Her work is has been sold in over 500 galleries, 20 museum stores, home furnishing, accessory stores and boutiques. Susan's work has been featured in over 20 retail catalogs that include Sundance, Isabella and Coldwater Creek. Susan has also shown and sold her work in Milan Italy, Toulouse France, Glasgow Scotland and the Queen of England owns a piece of Susan Klein Design jewelry. Jody Coyote Jewelry Co. licensed Susan for a branded line of jewelry in 2001. Currently, Susan has a 250 original lead free pewter collection on the market with East West Art Group.


Susan continues to create mixed media, watercolor, acrylic and gouache paintings, weavings and textiles. She has made a success as a jeweler for over 35 years. She has created and sold over 200 original card images and concepts original designs. Susan's inspiration comes from nature and the exploration of color and shape as well as through the experimentation with unique materials and found objects.

Susan has sold over a million dollars of her art and craft. As a designer and with her extensive background in both wholesale and retail, she has the ability to scope out and set trends, colors and styles. Susan's whimsical, quirky designs are well received by a variety of business venues. Her paintings are light and simple and express a true love of color and life. Many of her paintings work wonderfully as fabrics, card images, paper products, dinnerware, flooring such as rugs or linoleum and tile, posters or wall art. Susan makes a statement with her pieces. Style, fun and beauty are important and her success in retail and wholesale ventures for over 25 years has proven this.


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