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Haiku & Digitally Manipulated Photography


I have created, for this season, a series of manipulated digital photographs, which I have taken over the last few years, and combined it with my love of writing Haiku poetry.

A haiku, by definition, is a short poem that uses imagistic language to convey the essence of an experience of nature or the season intuitively linked to the human condition. I used a 5/7/5 syllable format, and I am hoping that while you are out walking in nature, you will try writing a haiku yourself, like I sometimes do!

I inspire you to challenge yourself to this fun literary art form.


Iris so new, fresh

budding beauty this warm spring.

Your fragrance enchants.

Graceful, feathered swan.

Floating meditation,

I'm aswed of your OM grace.

Koi, you are a joy.

A toy in the still waters

of Hertzalia.

Crisp smell of breezes

formed by the sea, surf and sand

creates here . . .

Color sparks

my interest

in loving more and more.

Joyus Allium.

So young with naivety.

Innocent sweetness.

Love and nothing more.

Love is an orange tulip.

Love is everywhere I go.

Rose so true.

No hue, but sheer perfection.

There won't be another you.

The master's painted.

Their style was rich volume.

Nature was their muse.

Oh shadowy woods.

Did I miss something hearty?

You're stately, Mr. Rock.

What the HECK happened?

Nature, Love, Understanding . . . .

A hippie legend?

Yellow - Iris

You present a rainbow world.

You color my heart

Sea of deepest blue,

golden crags gazing at you.

I stare down in awe.

It's bluer than blue.

My choked up feeling for you.

Azure, fronds of woe.

Creature of the cold

nearly gone to us.

Extinct lover-boys?

You are not dull , Sir Gull.

Sitting on top, creatively.

Viewing sweet nature.

Rock and roll or jazz?

Nothing soft or cold with that.

Listen. Move. Groove. Soothes.

I walk --- ocean bound.

Dreaming wildly about you.

The hot sand fires me

Dragonfly, my love

you are not of this world.

Pleasure to know you.

Namaste today.

Everyday, you pray.

Wind blows clouds away.

Hidden Agendas,

Hard, like boulders in the sea.

Grabs my attention.

Curled up in my heart

is a resonance of you.

Silly Escargot!

Can we love each other

here, between the rocky coast?

It seems so natural.

A transparency.

Tissue paper petals --- spark.

My consciousness roars.

Any street New York.

there are cars, cars, and more

people and smells. No trees.

Basking in the fog,

the coolness of SF bay.

Fond. Fun. Fabulous!

Am I a pansy?

Could I love you for just you?

You do spark me so . . .

Out in a distance,

all time will be my dear friend

the sands of love swoon.






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